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2022-2023 Education Schedule

The Magic of Hope 


Merritt Academy September 23, 2022


Durant High School October 4th, 2022


Brandon Schools November 14, 2022


St. John Lutheran School November 17th, 2022


L’Ance Creuse Middle School South  November 28th, 2022

Birmingham Brother Rice, December 5th, 2022

Dundee Middle and High School, December 15th, 2022



Be Nice. Participating Schools 2022-2023


Brother Rice 

Clarkston High School 

Fraser High School 

Fraser Richards Middle School 

Notre Dame Prepatory

Royal Oak High School

South Lake High School 

U of D Jesuit 

Past Events

March 2020:

Schools were steered to the be nice. Online Portal where virtual activities and lessons could be accessed. 


April 2020: 

Be nice. embraced the movement to take information online! 

The “Navigating Mental Health in Quarantine” page was added to the Western Michigan Mental Health Foundation Website

A Podcast series aimed at mental health in quarantine was started:


May 2020:

Each be nice. school Liaison receive a personalized check-in from the Mental Health Foundation of Western Michigan to help with the renewal process. We want the  be nice. program in our schools for the 2021-2022 academic year!

September 2020:

Be nice. is launched for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


October 2020: 

U of D Jesuit leadership presented with be nice. staff at the Student Mental Health Summitt (held virtually) on October 6th 2020. 

Notre Dame Prepatory held a virtual assembly for students October 26th 2020.

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